In Person Gatherings Begin July 4! Join us at Cooper Junior High at 10:30am on 7/4 Learn More



We are excited to begin gathering together in a new, creative way! CPC Neighborhood Gatherings are going to provide an opportunity for the people of Connection Point who are ready to gather to see one another, worship together, and listen to Sunday's sermon. These gatherings will have a very laid-back atmosphere, and each location will be unique.

For the month of June, we will host 2 different Gatherings.

•The Clubhouse at Inspiration in north Wylie

•The William's house at John & Janet Williams' in Rowlett

Register for Gatherings

No Gathering on June 6 because we will be meeting at Murphy Central Park at 10:30 am for worship.


What health & safety protocols will be taken?

All gatherings are now "mask-optional" and follow the CDC recommendations. Please feel free to social distance or wear a mask as you feel comfortable.

Is there childcare provided?

This will depend on the Gathering:

Broadcast Studio - No childcare

Rowlett Gathering- No Childcare

Clubhouse at Inspiration - Yes, but only specific ages (2yrs - 7yrs)

Is there live music?

The Studio and Inspiration Gatherings will usually feature live music. The other sites will most likely use the online worship music.