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What we offer...

Here is a quick glimpse of all of the ministries at Connection Point Church.

Connect Groups

Our connect groups provide spiritual, financial, and provisional care for our members. We believe that God uses our relationships as the primary method of ministry. If you would like more info on Connect Groups, click right here!

Marriage Resources

Whether your marriage needs simple maintenance, a light tune-up, or a full over haul, we are prepared to walk with you! Here are some ways we can help:

If you would like to pursue any of these options, please contact our pastor Joel at [email protected]

Addiction Resources

All of us have struggles. If you are currently struggling with an addiction and need confidential guidance, we are ready to help! Here are some of the ministries we offer:

  • Free Subscription to RightNow Media video resources, including video help for addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, and other addictions. If you would like a free subscription to RightNow Media from Connection Point Church, click here.
  • Pastoral Counseling. Our pastor Joel has more than 15 years experience counseling students and adults with addictive behaviors and struggles. You can email Joel at [email protected] for counseling appointments.
  • Connection Point Church has many people who have been through tough circumstances and seen God heal them. If you are interested in connecting with a church member who has been through a similar struggle, please reach out to our pastor and he can connect you with a mentor or friend to walk with you on your journey. You can reach our pastor at [email protected]

Parenting Resources

You’ve likely heard it said that there is no handbook for raising children. While this is true, there is a lot of wisdom available for parents at CPC. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Financial/ Benevolence resources

We know that everyone goes through seasons of struggle. As a church we are committed to helping those in need. We passionately believe that the most important resource you have is your relationships. For this reason, our primary means of providing financial help is through our connect groups. We believe the healthiest way to help someone in a season of struggle involves more than simply giving money. If you would like more information on connecting with other people in a Connect Group, please let us know by clicking here.

Serving Others

We are committed to making an impact in our community and beyond. Here are some of the ways we are serving our world:


  • Monthly opportunities to serve the faculty of Cooper Junior High
  • Serving at community events


  • Evangelism and starting churches in Peru. Each year we send dozens of members to Peru to work with local pastors to reach and establish churches.
  • Church Planting in India. Each month, we provide financial support to the Solid Rock Church in India. Since our partnership began six years ago, we have seen the Solid Rock and pastor Sampson Mall reach hundreds of new believers and establish four church locations.
  • Solving the Orphan Crisis in Ethiopia. Beginning in 2017, we partner with Hope for the Fatherless to provide care for Ethiopian orphans and establish systemic change in Ethiopia to provide homes and support for orphans. We support them through monthly financial gifts, annual fundraising events, and occasional vision trips.
  • Missionary support in Thailand. Each month our church supports the Krouch Family through a financial gift. The Krouch family lives in Thailand and supports incoming missionaries to Thailand and surrounding countries through a variety of methods.

If you would like more information on our local or international outreach efforts, please see our Outreach booth in the lobby on Sunday mornings.

Serving our church

Each week our volunteers arrive on Sunday mornings to serve. They setup, teardown, greet, teach, run our technology, play in the band, and everything else in order to create a dynamic worship service. If you are interested in joining a serve team, click here.

Got questions?

If there is any other way that we could help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We exist to Lead You from Where You Are to Where God Wants You to Be!